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Yuka & Maya & Strong Wings (Gökhan)
Yuuka is a Japanese Healer, Yoga Teacher and dancer. She meet the spirit world first time when her 3rd eye was suddenly opened at the age of 18. Then she left university and travelled across Japan by a junk bicycle in hope for finding answers to her questions regarding the scary type of spirits which were finding her so often. In this part of her journey she lived together with an old and wise nun mother in a church for few weeks. She learned from her the healing powers of prayers. She worked at temporary works and continued travelling to Nepal, India and Hawaii where she meet spiritual guides and teachers, whom she learned from how to use her abilities for the goodness of all. Meditations, astral travels, chatting with nature and spirits, soon made her remember her shaman, medicine man, healer, acupuncturist past lives.
In japan she became a very well-known healer with more than 10 years healing experience. Her aura shines bright green.

Maya is the heart of the universe. Simply being close to her brings us to our center (except the times she cries :). She is one of the high consciousness spirits of the universe who came to Earth for helping Mother Earth and humanity at the time of awakening and ascension.
Back in 2008 while I was writing a fiction novel called ''Gaak & Baap'', I strongly believe that her spirit visited me and gave me inspiration in my writings. In the story a soul mate couple finds each other in India, marries and have a baby girl namely ''Maya''. Well, all became true. So I can say that she's choosen her name by her self.
While Yuuka was pregnant we listened and received her messages. She wanted us to make her birth at home, in our healing room, unassisted. We studied and prepared our selves for such birth. 3 of us, trusted each other and trusted God. On 16th of March 2013, 04:55 am, Maya came down to my hands. There was dolphin sound records playing in the room; candle lights were soft; Very high energy was flowing in to room, piercing trough many dimensions. It felt like time was stopped. We have felt our Guiding and Guardian Angels were in the room with us. Maya pulled my beard and cried briefly, than attempted to open her eyes. She has looked at me with her little eyes. It was pure magic, pure love.
She has joined to all of our personal healing sessions and most of the Soul Gatherings.
She loves our chantings and sometimes joins with her sounds.
Strong Wings (Gökhan)

I was born in Istanbul. I worked on the merchant ships as navigation officer for 9 years. There, countless nights i stargazed and wondered for the answers of few questions such as ''Who am i ?'', ''What is my life purpose?'', ''Where is my soul mate?'' (when my mind gave break from thinking the more materialistic matters)

In 2006 i was introduced to Europe Chief of United Cherokee Nations ''Tony Night Eagle''. On the mountains of Cyprus island, at a shamanic ceremony he gave me my Rainbow warrior name "Strong Wings". One more difficult question was added to my "will be wondered at next stargazing list''. "Do i have wings?''

On 11/11/11 i was on a quite Aegean beach where i could pray loudly. I released my new intentions to universe and asked for support and guidance. "Dear God, i intend to begin a journey for finding my true self, my soul mate and my future child; Please show me the way...'' On the 45th day of my journey i have meet Yuuka in Pushkar the desert town of India. Meeting my Twin Flame deepened my awakening and accelerated my ascension to my true self. I al so found my life purpose; being my most true, most pure, most naked self, detached from all illusions, not Gokhan, neither Strong Wings but all and one.

Since that time, with the talents i've recalled and abilities that i've developed, i work as spiritual healer and counselor.

Our seeking continues throughout eternity.



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