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We are not fortune tellers. We are here for reminding you that future is created by you now. Every moment...

May the world become a better place by every session we serve...


+Yuuka & Wings Spiritual counselling and healing 2 hrs 300 Tl
+Yuuka's Universal Reflexology 1 hr 150 Tl
+Wings's Chi nei tsang (Internal organ's chi massage) 1,5 hr 150 Tl
+Wings's Thai massage with Reiki 70 min 120 Tl
+Wings's Chakra balancing and healing 1 hr 150 Tl
+Wings's Crystal & Sound healing 1 hr 150 Tl
+Yuuka's Spirit art  2-3 hrs 300 Tl
+Spirit retreat 3 days program 950 Tl
+Spirit retreat 5 days program 1500 Tl
+Soul gathering group sound healing 2 hrs 75 Tl pp


--Sacred geometry 3 hrs 300 Tl
--Channeling-mediumship 4 saat 400 Tl
-- Spirit Dance          90 min  150 Tl


Spiritual Counselling & Healing session with Yuuka and Wings : By using our psychic talents we listen your story, examine your aura, communicate with your higher self and guiding spirits, find the roots of your problems and help you to face them. Then depending on the unique needs we will proceed with some of the techniques such as sound healing, abdominal chi massage, universal reflexology for repairing the damage in your physical and auric body. This shamanic session is made of harmonization of several different therapy.

Abdominal Chi Massage ( Chi nei tsang) by Wings: This ancient chinese massage technique heals the chi energy of the internal organs and brings an emotional detox. Anger from livers, fear from kidneys, stress from stomach and spleen, sadness from lungs, large intestines and skin, rush and panic from heart and small intestines are released depending on the divine timing and the soul permission. İt also brings back the healthy bowel movement. This is a strong detox session.

Universal Reflexology by Yuuka: The ancient art of foot massage combined with the channeling ability and shamanic touch of Yuuka brings harmony to body, mind and soul. She picks up traumatic energies from different layers of your being. A deep relaxation and well-being feeling rises up from your feet to soul.

 Chakra balancing and healing by Wings: The shape, energy flow direction, colour and intencity of the chakras create our unique life style and understanding of life. Wings will let you know the present condition of your chakras and how they may affect your life than will work on their healing and balancing. (He Works both on forward and back side of the chakras) 

Crystal + Sound Healing by Wings: Wisdom of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt flows and high spiritual activations and Dna repair happens. In the deep meditation energy of a unique crystal grit will soak in to your being along with the sounds of spirits. 

Thai massage with Reiki by Wings; This ancient massage technique brings the feeling of aliveness by opening the energy meridians of your etheric body. After the session, it feels like eyes are opened from a long going sleep and colors and textures are brighter and sharper than before. Aliveness and freshness… Universal healing light flows from top of to head to tip of the toes. 
Spirit Art by Yuuka; in this 2 to 3 hrs long session Yuuka will paint a portrait of your aura or your guiding spirit or a divine mesage which will move you in your life to a next stage. You can see some of her spirit art here ;

Soul Gathering Group Sound Healing by Yuuka & Wings: This is a shamanic group healing gathering. The place is prepared by rituals; spirits of the Earth, Fire, Water, Air are invited, Guiding Spirits and Guardian Angels are invited, Archangels and Masters of our universe are invited. We play shaman drum, rattles, singing bowls, and make channeling chantings. Everybody in the group runs through a different purification and activation. At the end of the session we share our peace, happiness and harmony with all world.

You can request this group session from your tour guides, tour managers or hotel managers and they contact to us. (Because we will need their space if they can provide)  

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