What is?

What is sickness?
What is healing?
What is sound healing?

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Sickness & Healing

Roots of any sickness borns first in to our energy body (aura). These roots are the negative energies such as hate, anger, fear etc. which comes to existence as results of our reactions to traumatic life experiences. Those dark roots entangles them selves to chakras and parts of the aura then attaches themselves to related parts of the physical body. After each similar trauma, each similar dark energy gets stored upon-(within) the first one. The roots of darkness builds up. They might have born few hundreds or tens of thousands years ago, while you were experiencing life in an other body (re-incarnation). Physical bodies borns and dies but the spirit continues it's journey, life after life with it's dark roots, it's baggage so to say...Baggage becomes heavier and heavier till it can not carry a gram of weight more; which I mean, can not hold more sadness, or fear, or hatred etc. There you have 2 options. You may put down the baggage and open it and face all the darkness you have been carrying . IT is not easy way, but at the end more convenient. Because your other option is insisting on carrying the baggage... Body has it's own wisdom. It knows it's limitations. If your body is telling you to let go the heavy energies and you are not letting them go away, the baggage breaks and poison flows in to your physical organs. A heart attack, or loosing a finger, or arm, or leg, or eye, cancer may be, asthma may be... Sickness gives us chance of releasing the dark energy... Western medicine pushes down the symptoms and the energy of the sickness. So dark energy looks for it self a new Chanel, a new sickness to flow out... no any energy can be pushed down forever.. Dead is the proof of this. Anyway you will let those negative energies out.  Painful or less painful way...

Sickness is the healing. Even the cold flu; even an acne is for the purification of the soul. Every time you survive a sickness, a negative energy is released from your body and than more of your true color, true vibration is installed to your aura, more of your consciousness is opened. Some sicknesses end by death if the person is not ready to let it's energy out. In one of the next life time it will be released. Soul is not in a hurry. The evolution of the consciousness is an eternal way. However if the soul is incarnated in to a planet where it is being ascended to higher dimensions by the Divine Plan of God such as Earth), there are time frames & limits for purifying and healing our selves... An ascending world can not wait for a single person's healing. We have to catch up with the consciousness level of the planet. That means we have to purify and heal our selves daily. Centuries weight is awaiting for releasing. Masters of higher dimensions are sending enormous amount of energy for mass healing and mass awakening. It still depends on us to let go attachments. Every soul decides by themselves to be healed or not to be healed, to be ascended or not to be ascended. The ones who decides for awakening are usually at first in a feeling of rush. With a great hunger they attempt to learn every aspect of spirituality, every kind of meditation, different methods of healing, energy works, occult wisdom etc. When their spiritual seeking blooms flower, they find all things that they have been searching in their heart, in the silence. We healers guide you on this seeking path as well. Because we have walked the same way as you are walking now.

 We find the theme of your soul study. The soul lessons all that matters, because they are the steps of your evolution. Very generally speaking; every loveless experience is to teach you love( to make you love ), every fearful experience is to teach you your true power, every jealous experience is to teach you that you already have everything, every angry and noisy experience is to teach you calmness and compassion. What are your lessons? Which one are you failing at? Which energy block?
First we talk and bring the self realization. Only after this realization, the person is ready to face the dark side of the moon. There we begin to channel the universal energies or make sound healing for releasing the dark energy. When your baggage is empty you are back at the innocence. So light, so loving, so happy state of being. This is the true healing. You can heal your self by meditation and prayer, OR you get healed trough experiencing sickness, OR you get healed by help of healers.

Sound Healing

Sound healing is one of the oldest healing technique. In may be all cultures, people and the world was healed by mantra chanting or translation of the universal energy in to sound.

Let's first satisfy our left brain. Sound, transforms the shapes of the atoms. The sounds which comes from a good intentioned source installs atoms back to their original forms (healing), while the sounds which comes from bad intention or un-harmonic source transforms the atoms to an unnatural new form (sickens).  Most famous scientific research on this subject was done by Japanese scientist Mr. Emoto who has proved the effects of the intentions expressed with or without sounds on the water molecules. The results were as down you will see:

 In the short video below you can see a cymatic experiment which shows the effects of the sound frequencies on the sand.
In the sound healing, after praying to Divine Creator, healer calls for a healing energy from the universe ( from Higher Selves, Angels, Fairies or Ascended Masters etc.) and surrenders him self to coming energy and let's it out from his throat chakra as sounds. (Translation of the energy in to sound). Key is the surrender like in any other energy work. These sounds are called chanting. During the chanting patient may recall past life or this life time memories, may see, talk with or feel their guiding spirits. Negative energy blocks begin to move and if the person is ready to let go, they are opened and released. From my experience, many people enter into a trance state with in the first few seconds of chanting. Some of them remember what they have experienced, some of them not. And as much as it is destined, nothing more, nothing less, the purification happens.


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